Random Thoughts

During this festive season of giving, I decided to sell some of my shares to finance the purchase of some gifts and to sow some profits for the year. Don’t […]

Its already March ! Here’s my net worth for this month Cash : $ 14 766 Stocks : $ 33 778 Bonds : $ 4 053 Gold : US$ 1537 […]

Happy New Year from Bangkok

This is probably one of the few times I spent the New Year overseas and Bangkok was the choice destination for the countdown to 2014. It is a wonderfully interesting […]

As MMM calls it, your stash or your net worth, is something worth monitoring and keeping track to see if you are on your way to financial freedom. Savings :$22kInvestment […]

Hi I am the author of MrMoneySG. Like many others, I discovered that there is more to life than just studying, getting good paper qualifications, a good paying job, working […]