What will i do if i am financially free ?

Sometimes, we may encounter this question when we tell others we want to achieve financial freedom. In the event people ask what will I do if I retire early or become financially free.

Here is my answer :

  1. Have enough sleep and rest. No more waking up to an alarm clock anymore.
  2. Get fitter and exercise more. There will be plenty of time for that and no more procrastinating.
  3. Read more books. Reading is an enjoyable hobby that is very low cost but time consuming. I would have more time to read books that interests me and gain new insights.
  4. Spend more time with family, friends and people that you care about. If I have kids, I could be there for them every step of the way since I have a lot more time.
  5. Travel. There are many more places to explore and see in this world, and I can fly on the cheapest day, spend a longer time away and have a more relaxed holiday.
  6. Hobbies like diving and riding motorcycle for touring purposes. This requires a lot of time to do and not having to work frees me to not have to apply leave.
  7. Attend more AGMs of the companies I am investing in. Free meals included.
  8. Write and share more knowledge with others.

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