Does Work have to be boring ?

* work or job here could refer to what you do for a living or your waking hours that brings income, which includes running a business or investing.*

The defining moment of adulthood for most of us is the start of full time employment and taking responsibility for providing our own (and family) needs. ( yes part time doesn’t count )

Very often we are stereotyped based on the job or work we do. Most of us aren’t one dimensional people. We can like do music and like mathematics at the same time.

The notion of work started because of the sin of Adam, which results in us having to work to earn our keep.

Ideally our work should be in line with our purpose in life or what we want to achieve. When this is in sync we will have harmony and it becomes a natural part of us.

If we find ourself always dragging ourself out of bed, dreading the next work day and feeling little or no satisfaction for the thigs we do, then work can really be a chore.

We have a choice. We get to choose our jobs most of the time ( yes you applied for it), unless you are bonded to a company or limited by geography or some other factors. We can choose what we do but we can’t choose not to do it, or we will go hungry.

Since it is inevitable, why not make the best of it by doing something you enjoy, while still fulfilling the criteria of it being able to supply your needs.

Work should be a part of life and not something we have to balance with life. It should be something that resonates well with us and make us feel a sense of achievement and joy.

If it is not possible given some situation or scenario, try to make it temporary or think of a way to get out of it and make it better so you can work towards a more suitable role for you.

We shouldn’t have to do something we do not like for 40 years and then retire from it to do what we like at 62. Because at that time, we will be so zombiefied ¬†from all those years of work that we do not know what to do. We should always aim to be doing something we enjoy and take pride in, even if it doesn’t always bring in the most dough.

Wealth is not about how much you have, but how long what you have can last you.


  1. Sounds idealistic.

    I like my job but I don’t love it. Neither do I hate it. But if I were to work until 9pm, 10pm everyday. …shouldn’t I need to balance it with other aspects of my life?


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