Things to do in Korea

IMG_3905Last month was my second trip to Seoul, I visited different places from my first trip so I think it was quite a fruitful and relaxing trip for me, though I still have not tried Doeppoki yet. The beauty of Korea is that there is something for everyone, whether you like shopping, eating, climbing mountains, exploring nature, visit ancient architecture, drinking, or just relaxing.

Best time to visit : April to May, Sept to Nov. The weather is cool and dry during Spring and Autumn, perfect for walking and taking in the sights and sounds.

Download the Subway or Jihachul app

Very useful for navigating in Seoul especially if you take the metro. Shows you the shortest route to take between stops, where to transit and time taken to reach your destination. Best of all, it is free!

Chew on Live Octopus


Something you have to try at least once if you go to Korea. If you pass by a tent on the street selling food, chances are one of them would be selling live octopus and clams with soup. The soup is really delicious ! A little bit pricy though I had it for 15 000 won for both the clams and the octopus. The locals usually chill out at these food tentage and have some food along with soju.

Eat Strawberries

Really delicious, juicy and sweet strawberries which I had are from the street stalls in Myeongdong, though the supermarkets should have even better ones. They are by far the sweetest and juiciest strawberries I have eaten in my life.

Damage : around 5000 won per box of like 20 odd strawberries.

Cycle along the Han River

There is a trail running parallel to the river and it is really awesome to find a nice long trail for cyclists and enjoy the nice comfortable weather with a friend or two.

Visit a Jimjilbang ( public bathhouses)

I went to the one called Siloam. It is near the Seoul station. You can enjoy the steam bath, do sauna, take a shower, have meals, watch a movie or simply lay down in one of them themed rooms like the jade, oxygen or salt formation which is said to promote good health and skin.

Feel the tension in DMZ

Here in Korea lies the only DMZ or demilitarised zone in the world, separating North and South Korea. A rather interesting place as it is also where flora and fauna is undisturbed and allowed to flourish here.  You can walk down the tunnels dug by the North and the Dorasan train station that is closed but says it goes to Pyongyang.

Damage : Half day tour is around 42 000 won, there is a full day tour as well.

Visit Yoido Park

There is a huge park in the business district of Yoido, and you can rent bicycles both single and tandem or rollerblade. A great place to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. This park also links to the Hangang Park, awesome place with a river view.

Damage : 3000 for single bike for 1 hour, 6000 for tandem.

Catch the Nanta Show

Silent comedy based on the theme of a restaurant setting,  a light hearted and funny experience not to be missed if you have not seen it. The show lasts around 30 minutes and the price is totally worth it. There is a theatre in Myeongdong and in Hongdae.

In Jeju,

Try to go for the outdoor attractions as they are more interesting as compared to the museums such as the Sunrise Peak, volcanic crater, Hallasan, the cliffs, waterfall. The beaches are nice though not fantastic as compared to the  other natural formations.  Take a day to Climb Hallasan mountain, note that only 2 trails reach the submit.

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