The Stash

As MMM calls it, your stash or your net worth, is something worth monitoring and keeping track to see if you are on your way to financial freedom.

Savings :
Investment :

Total : $48k

Expenses :
phone bill : $50
insurance : $300
commuting : $120
church : $340
parents : $300

total fixed spending : $1110
variable spending (food, clothings, item, hotel booking for sydney): $1111

Total Expense : $2221


I currently invest in STI ETF with monthly buy-ins as it represents all the component stocks in the STI index.

My plan is to double my net worth every year which I started since 2010.

Using the retirement calculator, I will need about 13 years before I retire with 35% savings rate and a current portfolio of 48000.

It sounds pretty scary to work for such a long amount of time isn’t it ?
This will motivate me to strive even harder to become more mustachian and frugal to be able to retire younger and lead the life free to pursue my own life goals.

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