The Millionaire Next Door, it could be YOU

Some of you may have heard or even read the book titled : “The Millionaire Next Door”.

Basically what it talks about is that your neighbour, the guy next door in a 3 room flat, driving a toyota vios, wearing the same old clothes, could be a MILLIONAIRE !!!

In fact, He does fit the profile of a typical millionaire. If you think about it, it does make sense. Statistics mentioned that 1 in every 6 households here are millionaires. This means that in your block ( if you stay in a HDB flat ), there are already quite a few. You just didn’t realise it.

When we hear someone is a millionaire, we immediately think of someone who lives a mansion or bungalow house at 6th Avenue, driving a flashy Lamborghini, dressed fashionably in silk and satin and wine and dine at the finest restaurants, shopping at the top floors of ion like its NTUC fairprice.  That could be a rich man, or just a  high income middle class who wants to “live” like a rich person.

That may be so for some who are extremely rich, but most millionaires aren’t like that. He is pretty much the guy next door who saves regularly and invest wisely to grow his pot of gold eventually. 

Some of the things mentioned also like :

– Why the rich should not give monetary gifts to their children
– Why wealth does not last more than 3 generations 
– Economic Outpatient Care
– things the rich do and those who pretend to be rich 

Its worth a read just to find out how the true Millionaires are like but I felt contains too many statistics data which is pretty heavy for a non-American reader who may not fully understand the context of the book and some of them aren’t relevant to us here. 

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