Portfolio Updates, Dividends for Feb 2014

Received dividends from Suntec & Sabana REIT

Suntec : $153.72

Sabana : $87.60

Total : $241.32

Have also added Rickmers, Aims Amp REIT and Ascendas HT to my portfolio.

I am currently trying to include more dividend yielding stocks so as to have regular flow of cash to cover daily expenses. My ultimate goal would be to have sufficient dividends to cover all my expenses so there is no need to look at overall portfolio value regularly and monitor once every 6 months or 1 year to rebalance it.

Rebalancing will take place by replacing any of the top 10 yield positions if they fall below the top 10.

Here is my current stock allocation as of today.



I hope to balance this out more evenly as time goes by and also to add probably another 3 more stocks to the portfolio.

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