MrMoneySG breaks record in travelling

Hi I am back from holidays ! Literally.

Just did a count and realised I have been travelling almost every single month this year. Which is insane given that I travel like 3 to 4 times a year tops for the past few years.

This year probably the year I travelled most in my entire life. Although most are short trips no more than 3 to 4 days, if you add them up it is still pretty substantial number of days travelled.

The list below pretty much sums up my trips for the year 2014 excluding those day/night trips to JB.

Jan – Bangkok
Feb – Philipines ( diving )
Mar – Seoul, Jeju ( photo taking)
April – KL
May – Reservist
June – Phuket ( diving )
July – Bangkok
August – Pulau Tioman ( diving )
Sept – NIL
Oct – Malaysia Road Trip
Nov – Bali
Dec – KL ( cousin’s wedding )

Dive trips tend to be more expensive than a regular holiday because there is the booking of hotel, air tickets and pay for the dive and equipment. Save up before going for a dive !

All that travelling hurts Mr Money SG’s wallet for sure. My net worth has dropped below that of Jan 2014 as of now.

Also made some big purchases like the photo package, my new used bike, Korean lessons and the upcoming iPhone 6 !

Timely reminder to myself to save more and cut back on spending.

Signing off,


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