Life is not a monetary transaction

Monetary transactions are a natural part of daily life. We exchange money for services, stuff, things we need or don’t need all the time. Vice versa, we are expected to exchange our lives for money through work.

A typical day we work 8 hours a day 5 days a week and rest for 2 days on weekends for most people.

We actually spend more time earning money than spending it or actually living. Doesn’t seem fair does it ?

Given the technological progress over the century, machines can do a lot more work faster than humans. But we end up working more and longer hours instead of less.

Is it some conspiracy going on here ?

Nope not really. Most people just give in to consume more as they earn more with all the advertising and messages encouraging us to spend. Which is why they are unable to earn enough to retire even after 40 years in the rat race. I feel upset when I see staff who work so many years. I think most of them can afford to retire but maybe they are just too used to the routine that it is all they know after so long. They would not know how to occupy their time if they didn’t work.

Will we be better off retiring younger ? Definitely.

First, jobs would be more easily available given that less of the population require full time employment.

2nd, stress levels and health will get better since we don’t spend so much of our lives at work.

3rdly, when we retire young, we will have the energy and creativity to do the things we truly like and in turn create a more vibrant society and those in need can be helped.

4th, public transportation will be less crowded since the need to travel during peak hours is gone when we don’t have to work.

5th, you can have more free time to spend with those you care about like your loved ones, children, parents or friends and family.

6th, those who enjoy their work can still continue to do so because they do not feel pressured to work to “earn a living”.

I’m sure you will find more ways of how retiring early benefit you.

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