Lesson from the Haze

With the haze covering Singapore all week, I learn to appreciate clean air and not to take it for granted.

Fresh air impacts us more than we think. Besides not being able to see the iconic Marina Bay Sands, I also felt my throat getting sore and sneezing more.

This is probably temporary, but it is already the quality of air (or lack of it) in some developed cities like Beijing, where air pollution is a lot more prevalent.

If we want to avoid this situation, we will have to start becoming more conscious of the environment because we are a part of it.

Without a healthy conducive environment to thrive in, we will suffer from poor health and everything else goes downhill as well.

What can we do ?

Start cycling today ! Leave your car or vehicle at home whenever possible, or take the public transport.

Small actions taken by a large group of people can have a huge effect, just like how global warming came about.

Remember, with health is a part of wealth.


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