Importance of Sleeping Early

Hi guys,
This post isn’t exactly about money or investing.
It is very much important because investing in our own body and health will greatly reward us in the years to come even if we are already relatively healthy.
This infographic shows what happens when we don’t get enough sleep.
view the larger image here
Somehow when I read this information I can relate to my own experience. When I sleep really late or don’t get enough sleep due to various reasons, I tend to lose concentration easily, overeat, and become hard to focus on what I want to do as compared to having a full night’s rest.
I also feel more irritated than usual and less objective and calm. Which is why I put sleeping as one of my resolution for this year and I am still trying hard to keep to it.
There’s always a phrase that will come to my mind when I think about whether I should sleep or stay up when I am tired.

It is only worth staying up for something only if it is what you will wake up early to do.

Let’s all aim to start sleeping early from now on !

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