Happy New Year from Bangkok

This is probably one of the few times I spent the New Year overseas and Bangkok was the choice destination for the countdown to 2014. It is a wonderfully interesting and affordable place to go for most Singaporeans given the exchange rate of 1 : 25.5 Baht at the time I went to the exchange.

It is actually a great time to visit Thailand as it is the cool months from December to February. The weather is generally cooler ( even cooler than Singapore at night ) and there is hardly any rain during this period.

Here are some random stuff I did during the trip

Bangkok trip

Tried the four seasons duck at Siam paragon. The meat is nice and tender. Most of the bones are removed so it’s easy to eat. The gravy tops it off like the icing on the cake.

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The Meiji coffee milk is selling at 12.25 baht in 7-11. About 50 cents, half the price of what is sold at ntuc here.

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Lone cyclist spotted among the sea of motorcycles, cars in a heavy traffic road. I noticed there aren’t many cyclists here despite the roads always being congested. Perhaps the government could encourage this more healthy and urban living sport to resolve the jam on the roads.

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Roadside stalls are found everywhere here. The Thais are entrepreneurial that way. You are never too far from stalls selling street food, fruit juices or drinks. Be careful on the street food as they are not regulated and you are taking a chance at getting food poisoning if the food is not clean. For me I try to avoid stalls that do not sell cooked food or look unhygienic. Had a couple of fruit juices here. They are delicious and by far still pretty safe for me so I guess I was lucky.

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Tough security checks at the entrance of most major shopping malls. And the lack of dustbins except near the entrances of the malls. Hard to even throw rubbish around here.

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Sex on the beach…at the hotel lounge… Going for just 300 baht or 12 including taxes.

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In Chinatown or Yawaraj, you can get easily find a place to enjoy a good bowl of sharks fin soup and birds nest.  You can get both for just 500 baht or $20.

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No it’s not an earthquake. That’s the condition of some roads here. Really appreciate all the roadworks here to keep them always well maintained.

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BBQ Buffet for 149 baht, $6, anyone ? All u can eat buffet with marinated meat, BBQ with soup around the sides. There’s cooked food, desserts but drinks are sold separately. A very local establishment, hardly any foreigners here so the staff don’t really speak English. Food is good and not too stuffy, highly recommended. Near the Victory Monument BTS station.

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Happy new year to all from Bangkok ! Fireworks here go on for a good 30 min with intervals in between and the crowd at the central world mall area is just flooding the streets ! Good view from my hotel, Novotel platinum.

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