September 2015

Think of bond like the more introverted brother of stocks. It is a lot less volatile and returns are lower but reliable and good hedge for stocks. A bond is […]

With the haze covering Singapore all week, I learn to appreciate clean air and not to take it for granted. Fresh air impacts us more than we think. Besides not […]

They say Buy in May and go away.¬†From what I see in the charts it is still not the time yet as it is still an upward trend. As I […]

Things to do in Korea

Last month was my second trip to Seoul, I visited different places from my first trip so I think it was quite a fruitful and relaxing trip for me, though […]

MAPLETREE : $13 AIMS : $15 Total : $28 Pretty cool considering I currently own less than 1 lot for both stocks now. Total cost around $1312. Yield for this […]