Portfolio Updates, Dividends for March 2014

Dividends Received :

Mapletree Industrial Trust : $39


Rickmers : $23

Total : $ 78

Stock Allocation as of today :



Suntec and SPH has grown in terms of percentage of portfolio though I did not buy any additional lots of either stock. This is mainly due to their capital gains and also fall in prices of others.

March dividends is relatively lower but I believe April will be better.

P.S. I notice quite a lot of readers come to see posts on Portfolio and Dividends but I am not sure what is the main interest here. Leave a comment and let me know what draws you to this post.


  1. Hi

    Your portfolio consists of too many Reit which could vulnerable to interest hike …

    Maybe u can consider adding other non-reit counter with good yield and low payout ratio…


    1. Hi Kang Kai,

      Thanks for the tip. My portfolio is heavy on REITs because of my dividend strategy and back then REITS were cheaper when I first bought them. Right now I will be moving towards stable and growing companies.


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