Optimize to your body clock

“We are fresh so its best to do thinking early in the morning.”

“We should eat the biggest meal in the morning.”

Here are some of the phrases we hear which may have some basis depending how we live/work/play. It  may also vary a little from one individual to another but I find it generally true for myself.

There’s this article that says you should work around your body clock rather than change your body clock to suit your daily activities.

Late morning – best for cognitive work

2pm – good time for a nap

3-6pm – best to do some work out / exercise !

Social media

8-9a.m – read tweets from twitter

3-6pm – best time to get tweets retweeted ?

8pm – best for facebook posts to get “likes”

One thing I know is if I do not sleep by 12 midnight the next workday will seem much more tiring and hard to focus.

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