More time, less work

I have always wondered how is it that with all the technological advancement over the past 50 years, our working hours by right should have been reduced significantly since we can do more with better and faster machines. but thats not the case.

Our working hours have increased even further and we do more overtime work than before. How is it that with the increased productivity we get from technology we still have to work even longer ?

In the past, families could survive on a sole breadwinner while now we have both couple working and yet have barely enough to get by ?

Could it be we are consuming more than ever before ? More goods, more food and more branded stuff ?

In doing so we have to work even harder to sustain our wants creating a vicious cycle.

Could it be a trick came up by the system to keep us working so that our time will be enslaved in the corporate world or working world instead of living the life we truly want.

that trick is “Consumerism”.

It is everywhere. we see ads on tv, radio, buses, trains, internet. there’s no escape ! everywhere we see messages telling us to buy this buy that. That’s on SALE ! Discount ! Buy 2 get 1 free !

Consumerism tricks us into using our time to trade for money to buy things we don’t really want or need. We just think we need them. I have been guilty of this most of my life, buying a new computer, new mobile phone, new tv, new blah blah when I have one that works just fine.

All this spending means that we spend a lot of our hard earned income into short termed pleasure.

Now that we have identified the problem, we need to think about how life will be like if we didn’t give in to consumerism.

– Imagine waking up naturally,
– watching the sunrise,
– working on things you enjoy doing
– pursuing leisure/ hobbies at your own time,
– traveling further and longer periods instead of a miserable 14 or 18 days a year leave,
– spending more time with our loved ones
– reducing carbon footprint by consuming less of the earth’s resources

If we can go back to our grandparent’s time, you will notice that the standard of living has greatly improved over the years as the country prospered.

in the past, most people could only afford basic necessities with most of the income they earned like food, rent and water, maybe just enough clothes to wear. today, our income is more than sufficient to meet basic needs and that allows us to save more money which can generate more returns for us through investing.

This means that it is actually much easier to save and retire early as compared to our ancestors time, if we spend on things we truly need.

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