MMSG goes Down Under : Sydney

Hey how are you ?

Greetings to all ! I was really busy with work and just went on a trip to the Down Under last week.

Sydney is really amazing. The weather was cooler than I expected so I woke up shivering for the first 2 mornings. Love the city and its all its buzzling activities, the aborigines busking at circular quay, really good looking locals everywhere and they are pretty friendly as well.

People there commute on nearly anything you can think of. Buses, taxi, ferry, bikes and even skateboard and scooter not to mention the very elaborate cityrail something like our mrt.

Food and transport is rather costly there even for breakfast it is hard to find something under $5.

The city is very well laid out so u can walk along the wide pavements in the fairly cool weather. The beaches are clear and beautiful like Manly and Bondi, where you can have a nice view of the beach and the suntanning bikini girls, the surfer dudes and those walking along the beach.

We tried to find the nude beach there but couldn’t find it though sadly. Should have figured out how to go first.

What I really like about Sydney is that it really comes across to any tourist or visitor as a first world country with a laid back culture and the people there value the quality of life. The shops close early so most people hit the bars as soon as work ends to unwind and chill out. Take a walk along Circular Quay and you see people jogging, cycling throughout the day, even during lunch. The beaches are teeming with people on weekends and some go on the weekdays as well. Their style is pretty casual but  still looks presentable and the girls usually have their make up on and hair neatly tied or styled. People are gracious and the streets are clean even though they allow food and drinks to be taken in the trains.
There’s graffiti problem there as well but there are plenty of good points we can take note of.

On the flipside, it is also really expensive to live there as the cost of living can be high if you are not employed over there. Basic stuff like food and travelling around cost at least double of what we enjoy locally here in Singapore.

Accommodation :
We stayed at a hostel name Jackaroo. The location is great next to the cityrail except that it is at King Cross, the red light district of Sydney. At night it can be pretty rowdy but overall its pretty convenient and there’s food all around there. ¬†For the last 2 days we moved to Vulcan Hotel which is more pricey but more spacious but further from the cityrail station ( 15 min walk ? ) and there is a slope which you have to walk uphill and downhill if you head towards Central Station. I guess overall it is more convenient and cheaper to stay at a hostel and the wifi is totally free and fast compared to the hotel ( have to pay $10 ).
Expenses breakdown :
Air ticket @ Scoot : $ 498
Travel insurance : $60
Accommodation : $ 475 for 8 days ( $60 per day )
MyMulti 3 : $76.2
Transport to and from Airport : $ 32
Attraction Pass and Whale watching : $315.2
Eating / Shopping / Sightseeing : $ XXX
Total damage : $1456

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