From Joseon to Seoul, Jeju & Jinam

I have a confession. I have been watching quite a bit of K Drama recently. It all began with Secret Garden which was showing on TV on the local channel. I was drawn in by the actress Ha Ji Won and found the story pretty interesting. Like all K drama, at some point in time the story involves making the viewer cry a little ( or a lot ).

From there on I went on to watch Queen In-hyeon’s Man and RoofTop prince which both involve time travelling to the future and falling in love with a modern girl. I watched all these great shows for free online and on TV.

Drama watching is a really cheap or free form of entertainment which can keep you entertained for hours when you are just bored or have some empty time slots which are too short or irregular to do other activities since each episode only requires about an hour or less. ( Warning : dramas can be really addictive at the same time and you may end up spending more time watching and doing less of other productive stuff )

So, instead of watching a movie or going out to the bar, just buy some beer or drinks from the store and watch a drama at home ! Great savings for the same level of entertainment =)

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