Diving in Phillipines, Anilao

Recently went for a dive trip to Anilao, Philippines, and its nothing short of enjoyable. Loved the relaxing beach with nice view and great marine life awaiting out there. Felt like I was in the Marine Life Park except I’m part of the action and not watching from dry land through a glass.

There are also quite a number of dive sites in the area so you will have plenty of sites to visit and explore if you have not been there before and even for myself I did not manage to visit all the dive sites given the short 3 days there.

Here is the breakdown of the cost of diving :

air tickets – $222

2 shore dives + 8 boat dives ( including 2 night ), accommodation, food, dive equipment rental, transport to and from the airport  –  $740 ( incl a lost fin )

Total : $962

So my day started early and we reached the airport in Manila before taking a very very long 3 hour ride to the dive resort itself. It felt long because the road was really bumpy and the vehicle could not go fast given a 1 to 2 lane highway. Started off with a familiarisation dive on day 1. Second day we had 2 morning boat dives, 2 afternoon boat and 1 night dive from the short. third day we had 2 morning 1 afternoon and 1 night dive. Last day we rested because you are not suppose to dive like 24 hours before flying.

creatures you may see :

electric clams, sea turtles, puffer fish, squid, jellyfish ( ouch ), eels, shrimps, seahorses, corals, crabs, lobsters, sea slugs, barracudas, travellies, trumpet fish

Some items to consider bringing along :

1. sun block – or risk getting burnt

2. wind breaker or jacket – can be cold on the boat especially after you surface from the water

3. insect repellent – living quarters may be invaded by mosquitoes

4. equipment such as fins, booties, mask, watch – for your own comfort and better experience


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