Book Reivew : The Soloman Secret

How would you like to learn from one of the wisest and richest man in history if not the wisest man on how to achieve wealth ?

That will sound good to most of us, except that he lived more than 1000 years ago. This man is none other than King Soloman, and he was known for his great wealth and wisdom during his reign in Israel and even today.

So wise was he that his wisdom transcends across the generations and is applicable to us even today, just like Confucious who lived more than a thousand of years ago.

Financially, the author Bruce Fleet has wrote the book “The Soloman Secret” where King Soloman mentors a young boy Abidanon the seven basic principles of life and how they influence financial success. Each of these parables illustrates a key principle that Abidan must discover before he can garner more wealth and happiness, and is then proceeded by Fleet’s masterful application of these principles to the reader’s life and to the most urgent and essential financial questions of our time. Fleet, a successful financial adviser and owner of a large investment firm, draws from the time-honored and historically proven wisdom of the life of the ancient king to offer ‘through the siphon of his own talent and perspective’ the very best in financial strategies for today’s challenging economic climate.

There’s one verse which I read and feel that it sums up what being Mustachian is pretty much about. 

One man pretends to be rich yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor yet has great wealth. – Prov 13 :7

Those who are truly rich may seem poor or just average to us and those who appear flashy and own luxurious items may be cash poor after all with loads of credit card debt.

Another saying which I feel holds true as well is,

Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom.  – Prov 23 :4

This verse is trying to say that we should work hard to earn a living, but remember to actually live as well. There’s no point in spending all your time working if you aren’t going to have time to spend living and doing the things and spending time with people who matter.

There are many more lessons and teachings from the book which you can greatly benefit from like I have. 

Hope you enjoy the book and remember life is worth living as much as it is important to earn a living. 

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