40 hour work week busted

As a student I enjoyed my time as one. There was a really good balance between studying and leisure because there was only like 4 to 6 hours a day of lessons and then you could choose to study or play or whatever you liked. When I started working I realised how scare free time is in the working world. I counted that I have like 4 hours of my own time a day minus work, sleep and commuting.

This is a complete opposite of  student life.

I often wondered, do we really need to work 8+++ hours a day to justify earning a living, or is it just corporate culture brought from the past and hasn’t been reviewed all these years. Yes I have a lot more flexibility in terms of spending now as compared to being a student but leisure time is compromised by the inflexible working hours.

Came across this article from Raptitude, which explains clearly why the 40 hour work week still exists despite all the technological improvements that “threatened” to replace our jobs.

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